Who is Saying What about you?

A good business reputation is the foundation on which a growing company should be based. It breeds confidence, brings in more leads, and makes closing sales easier.

Whilst the Internet is a wonderful thing, its instant access and instant comment culture can quickly harm your business. If you don't know what people are saying about: your company; your products or services; or even your employees, you will never know how many opportunitiues you are missing through adverse publicity.

Whether it is the actions of your employees, malicious or disgruntled customers, or even sneaky competitors, we can help you monitor what is out there on the Internet and plan strategies to manage your reputation. 

  • Reputation Tracking: A key to building your online reputation is track down what has already been said about your business.
  • Evaluation and Intelligence: We evaluate what is being said and the impact it has, or will have in the future. Are there any risks? How big or small are they?
  • Business Strategy: From our evaluation we can you see if there are simple solutions to big problems, e.g. FAQs and support websites go a long way to improve customer service.
  • Engage in Dialogue: Together we can engage in the conversations and respond to comments, good or bad, that are being said about you or your brand in a timely manner.
  • Data Integrity: We review the online presence of your company and / or products and check for accuracy and completeness.
  • Social Media: We can advise on strategies to utilise social media to enhance your reputation, engage with your customer base and strengthen brand loyalty.

Don't Feed the Trolls - Sadly there are some people who lurk around in dark corners and just simply enjoy posting negative comments. These people shouldn't be engaed with as they will delight in tying up your time and increasing the bad publicity. Simply monitor their activity and develop strategies to drown them out.