Branding - Manage your Company Image

Regardless of the size of your business Branding is an important part of your marketing arsenal. A consistent and professional customer facing image breeds confidence and helps build trust in your products or services.

Branding helps ensure all your literature, emails, website and advertising carry the same core business message. Logos, graphics and colour schemes can build instant recognition and make your product or service the 'go to' choice.

Our Branding Guidelines also ensure employees are not allowed to dilute your brand image by creating their own ad-hoc literature.

Branding isn't Just for the Big Boys

  • Company Logo: A clear and professional logo can often be the first point of contact that subconsciously sticks in a customer's memory.
  • Stationery: Business cards, letterheads and other business stationery all carry your company image, make sure it is the right one. 
  • Website: Your website may well be the first time a prospect comes across your company, make sure you use the first few seconds to make the right impression before they move on to another website.
  • Newsletters: We can help you develop a 'house' style so that copy reflects your style of business.
  • Brochures & Flyers: This is where you really can push the boat out to impress your prospect. We help you get your message across clearly and with impact. 
  • Email Stationery: Email today is probably the most used means of communication with your prospects and clients. Make sure your branding continues with your email signature.

We believe in the old marketing acronym AIDA: get their Attention; create an Interest; give them a need or Desire; and most importantly make sure there is call to Action. So everything we do is about creating a response from the prospect and ensuring they have the means to instantly contact you.