Content Management Systems

We are experts in Content Management Systems (CMS). Utilising a CMS at the core of your website ensures you can get the maximum amount of functionality as and when you need it. We want you to get the most out of your website so we make sure it has the ability to constantly evolve with your business.

Once we have devloped your site from the initial brief we can continue to manage and maintain the site for you, or you can get in there and add new content yourself.

Search engines love active sites so we give you the ability to add business news, new products, customer information, anytime from your web browser using simple interfaces (no complicated coding needed). 

  • User Account

    There are three basic scenarios supported by our off-the-shelf solution.

    1. Users may self-register and the system automatically approves their account.
    2. System administrators can create and approve user accounts. Our solution also provides “self-service” password resets, allowing users to request a new password without requiring intervention by a systems administrator.
    3. Users may self-register but a systems administrator must approve their account.
    user account

  • User Roles

    You may define as many roles as required to address the various user types on your website. A user may be assigned to one or more roles, dependant on the access levels that you want to provide to that person. User roles provide a mechanism for restricting or enabling access to features, content, and sections of your website.

    user roles

  • Permisisons

    The role provides a mechanism for users to categorise, while permission is a mechanism for controlling access to individual features, areas of your website and content. Each role in the system has its own set of permissions, allow or restrict access to the features of your site.


  • User Roles

    Our solutions utilise security features that provide the ability to restrict admission to features, functions, and administrative tasks based on user account ID and password, user roles (e.g., managers, writer, content publishers, author, website administrators, general staff), and rough permissions (e.g., update an event calendar).


  • Authoring and Publishing

    Once we have commisioned the initial website content can be updated or added to through a simple web-based browser interface. Any user with the appropriate roles and permissions can write from any computer that has access to your site.


  • Browser Support

    Our solutions are compatible with all major browsers available, your website will all the popular web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. In addition it will work on most major smartphones and tablets.


  • Responsive Website

    We design great visual website aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience, with easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).


  • Scheduling Content

    Authors can also choose when to schedule content items that will appear on the website by the time published. Using this feature authors can create content well in advance of when it needs to appear on the site, allowing the CMS to manage when the content should appear and disappear from the site.


  • File Attachments

    Our solution provides a simple point-and-click web-browser-based interface to attach files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, videos, etc. Site administrators can restrict what file types may be attached and the size limitations for uploaded files.


  • Custom URLs

    Our CMS platform has ability to generate search engine friendly URLs for content items created. We have the ability to override the URL  generated automatically with terms that are specific to the content contained in the article.


  • Support for Rich Media

    Our solution supports a wide variety of rich media types including pictures, video, audio, and animation. Content can easily incorporate rich media through the WYSIWYG editor or by using one of the embedded media tools provided by our base solution (e.g., importing a YouTube video). Our solution provides a variety of methods for displaying rich media including: Pictures Galleries - Audio Galleries - Video Galleries -  Podcasts - Slideshows


  • Email, Print or PDF

    Our CMS Platform includes the ability for browsing users to email to a friend, save as a PDF file as well as generate printer-friendly version of each content item on your website.


  • Categories / Taxonomy

    Content “category” and “tag” is a main feature of our solution. We can easily create complex or simple list of categories. Categories simplify the process of organising, listing, and searching for related content – making it easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for and simplifying the process of organising similar content on your website

    Taxonomy also provides a mechanism for “tagging” content on your site without having to predefine the list of categories.


  • Polls

    We can provide the ability to make and manage online polls. You can create one or several polls running at the same time on your site. Our solution provides a easy to use method for tracking results and viewing votes.


  • Menus

    A website navigation menu is the place on each page where links to other pages on your website are displayed. We provide a simple to use for creating and managing menus on your CMS system. When writing new posts, authors can easily create a new menu link for that content item by simply entering the title of the new menu item and selecting the menu where they wish the item to appear. 


  • Calendars

    We can provide a simple to use mechanism for creating online calendars on your website. The author creates events through a WYSIWYG editor that appears on the calendar area. Sites may have departmental or category based calendars, as well as site-wide calendars.


  • Discussion Forums

    Our soluitions can offer the ability to create and administer multiple online conversation forums are included in our base solution. Stringently controlled forum –visitors can submit comments but an administrator have to approve posts before shown on the website, or the administrator can implement community policing where forum member can post comments.


  • Blogs

    Our blogging solution provides a simple to use blog interface for each user with proper roles and permissions. Author can create automatically “blog” pages for each user, reproduction their blog entries in reverse sequential order (newest item first). You may also set in blogs into a region on a page.div>


  • Social Networking

    Our solution provides an “add to any” attribute that allows site visitors to post links of website content to one or more of the social networking sites. This feature also allows visitors to share site to a friend. We have other social networking mechanism that enable integration with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Digg, Google+, and other social networking sites.


  • Search Engines

    Our base solution employs tools and techniques for search engine optimisation, including: wording selection, page titles, meta tags, automatically generating SEO friendly URLs, XML site maps, and a detailed SEO checklist.

    This will help your website get up the search engine page rankings.


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